Pre Medical Consultation

We help you book a pre-travel consultation with the doctor

Special Dental Care

India is a preferred destination for all dental treatments because of it's low cost

Ambulance service during emergencies

We provide you with ambulance services in cases where transport through ambulance is required

  • Facilitating appointment with the Doctor/Hospital

    An appointment with the doctor after you have reached the destination

  • Handling Hospital Admission procedure

    We handle the paperwork for you to have a seamless hospital admission process

  • Arranging Laboratory Tests

    As part of your treatment you will need to undergo various tests before and after your treatment process. We help organise these tests seamlessly.

  • Patient Co-ordinator

    A Patient Co-ordinator assists you to get all the required services from your arrival to departure during your medical stay.

  • Assistance in finding blood donors

    In cases where blood transfusion is required, we also help organise blood donors during your treatment.

  • Physiotherapy

    We help you get physiotherapy care for your post-operative care in order for your body to get accustomed to coming back to normal once again.

  • Post-operative Care/Check-ups

    Post-operative care and recuperation is vital. We organise these check-ups to help you know your recuperation process.

Surgery/treatment quotations

We provide you with quotations from various hospitals of your choice for you to make an informed decision before choosing the hospital/doctor.

Pharma Care

Buying medicines prescribed by the doctor may be a hassle. We help you get the medicines ordered at your door-step.

Nursing Care

We arrange full-time nursing care after your treatment, if required.



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